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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
Well obviously you wouldn't want to go cheap on filters, but I don't think you wanting to be spending huge amounts of money on the absolute best filter out there.

I thought it was the WVO that needed to be warmed and couldn't be used when the engine was started. Biodiesel does not need this correct?
if you run wvo which is filtered fryer oil you have to start and stop running on diesel. The better systems have a feature that allows the engine to run for a few minutes and purge the whole fuel system of oil and replace it with diesel. Trying to start or stop on wvo will clog your whole system and you will be screwed.

Bio diesel is made from wvo, however with the addition of lye & methanol the molecular composition of the oil is transformed. The lye & methanol sepperates the glycerin, fats and other substances from the oil, changing the chemical bonds from oil to a fuel. Bio diesel can be ran in any unmodified diesel engine where wvo needs its own supplemental fuel system.

Neither system is cheap on startup, however i like wvo cause of its simplicity and lack of basic chemistry work and refinery equipment. Bio diesel will always require you to add methanol and lye for every batch you make, always in varied amounts due to the differences in the oils condition(the more the oil is used the more fats and other deposits get intermixed within the oil.
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