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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
I think it's a great idea for alternative fuel. It's just another thing to add on the to do list though, and it's difficult to have the room to handle all of the equipment.

I would go with the simplest system with everything else. I'm assuming a siphon pump would be simpler than a centrifugal system. I would use the most cost effective filter, because obviously a better filter will cost more money.

I'd use plastic drum, then you won't have to worry about rust. Not sure about the tank wrap.

Depending on how you refine it you may actually have to still use diesel fuel to start the engine, and then switch to the biodiesel, and make sure you switch back before shutting off. This may be with straight veggie oil only, but something to check though.

Now, why are your panties in such a fucking bunch?

You've been here how long and are now starting to complain about people being dicks in serious threads? Lighten up.
Biodiesel and WVO are two different things.

WVO needs to be warmed before running.
Biodiesel is equal to Dinodiesel for all intents and purposes outside of the Gel Point IIRC is a bit lower so an additive needs to be added.

If you go too cheap on filters than you will be replacing shit on the truck when it clogs instead.
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