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Originally Posted by deuce228 View Post
Of Diesel is the key part of that sentance. Take into account the time it takes for WVO to heat up before you can switch over to it, and the OP is saying that longer trips is the larger pay off. Essentially you should only be running diesel when you are waiting for the warm up.

Skoot, why aren't you considering bio diesel? I also agree that it is the most practical solution.
what is nice about DFA's wvo setup is that they have 1 of the best in tank heating systems available on the market. Their kit is 100% automated in that the system will kick on only when the oil is up to temp, and automatically purges the system when the engine is shut off.

Personally I dont like the idea of doing bio diesel. For one the cost of startup equipment(usually around $2000 or more), the time required for the distillation, the size the equipment takes up, the use of chemistry and chemicals... Granted i could make my own bio diesel and sell it and make a little bit of profit, however do to much and you start getting taxed. Grease is nice because almost no matter where you are given an establishment is using the right kind of oil and you have an onboard filter setup you can fill up for free and in the long run your helping the environment.
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