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Default That greasy feeling...

Since buying my 02 Powerstroke in July i have discovered 2 things. One is that I'm in love now with diesels, I cant imagine ever buying a gasser again. The other is I f'ning hate paying the ridiculous price of fuel. So logically im only left with a few solutions; keep takin in up the butt at the pump, get an aux. tank and run on the red stuff, or get dirty and get a wvo(waste vegitable oil)setup. Over the last few weeks ive been doing some light reading, going over each companies setups and looking for positives and negatives. Pretty much ive settled on Dino fuel alternatives Vegistroke kit. By far this looks like the cleanest, and easiest to use kits out there.

Just curious to know if anyone out there is running on grease? What do you do for your pre filtering/collection and inital transport, how much do you store at home, what are your overall impressions. I probably wont do this conversion will the spring, do to the initial cost of the kit but figure the cost in fuel saving will easily make up for the large startup costs.
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