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Here's what I'm working with. It's old, it's ugly, but its heavy duty as fawk. Tires are a dime a dozen mobile home Load Range E tires, and they use the old donut rims still.

And yea, 102 is the magic numba. I'd like to widen my trailer so it's around 7.5'-8' wide (90-96"). The reason I want it wider, is becuz the axles I'm using are fullwidth 60's, and the WMS on them is 69", well I measured one of the 44s I had sitting there, and from the WMS on the rim, to the outside of the tire is 9", so I added 18" (9" per side) to the 69" axle WMS-WMS width, and came up with 87" wide. I figure if I can take the trailer out another 4 or so inches beyond that, I'd be happy, for different width rims and tires and since I'm lookin at possibly doin Rockwells on down the road.

Hopefully this winter, maybe next spring, I plan on tearing the trailer apart and rebuilding it and doing kind of like you're saying with widening it. That's the only problem with it right now. As you can see, the frame on the trailer needs some TLC baaaad, or just a full rebuild / replacement.

And here's a trailer similar to ours, cept with a C-channel frame, and tubing for the parts he widened it...actually it's very similar though to what I'd like to do. Cept' I'd like to have fenders. Either driveover type, rubber, or a removable type. I'm also a big fan of the school bus....

Hope this helped ya see what tube might look kinda like....

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