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Originally Posted by AWK
I'm quite skeptical also. But it one of those COOL things.

What is the advantage of AWD for a mountain bike?
Climbing, corning, holding a tighter line, control on loose surfaces and over rocks and roots, snowy, muddy, rainy conditions...Unless you ride on dry pavement 100% of the time, there are situations where every rider could benefit from AWD.

Who came up with the idea for AWD on the bicycle?
In truth, companies have been attempting AWD systems on bicycles and motorcycles since the early 1900s. It wasn't until the mid 1990s that Steve Christini finally perfected the concept and made it commercially viable. Who buys CHRISTINI AWD bikes? US and international bicycle dealers sell CHRISTINI AWD bikes to mountain bike enthusiasts, XC trail riders, long travel extreme riders, and racers.

ah but have you ever picked one of those up? Friggen heavy, and Im no weight weenie (I ride a 29er) so there goes your advantage in climbing. Only advantage Id see in climbing would be if you had huge legs and no riding skills.
Any decent rider will have even enough pedal strokes to maintain traction. And I dont see it holding a tighter line...
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