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Um, who are you again?

I went to OSTC, did you? I had fun, I wheeled, did you? I was disapointed about the lack of improvements at the park, but gladly paid to go have fun for a couple hours. I was glad that someone set up a ride close enough for me to bother hauling my broke-down junk to. What have you done? I stopped by the pig gig, said hi to some folks I hadn't seen in a while, had a good time, but I was only there for the day, so I got to the park to get as much out of my rig while it was still running (2hrs...oh well).

Go ahead and try to type smack on the internet...maybe learn to spell or type...but go ahead, do what makes you happy, I'm gonna try to get out and wheel when I can, and hang out on here sharing my experience and knowledge with folks that enjoy the same things I do. I don't care who's site it is or how it's paid for or what evil goverment conspiracy theorist is behind it, it's just a place for me to talk wheelin when I don't have the time or the running rig to actually wheel.

4x4 community? What the f.... do you think this is? I've been on every flavor 4x4 message board since the late 90's and it always ends up being the same people, like a family spread across the entire state or even the world, either way we all enjoy the same things and are here for fun.

Shut it and quit taking yourself so seriously, nobody cares who you are, you are a toolbox.

...thanks CC, now I look like a toolbox for ranting over a deleted post, now someone might think I'm a loser, oh no, how will I sleep at night.
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