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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Sounds like she got the job done. You may not like her methods but she seems to be effective. Every person who assumes an executive position will remove some of the people appointed by their predecessor and replace them with people they know. I'm not hearing any issues about the job performance of those that she appointed.

You won't hear any similar stories about any of the other 3 candidates, because none of them have ever been executives.

Did you know that the committee that authorized this whole investigation is made up of a majority of ? I think it is 8 - 4.

I am not saying that she is not effective and I am not saying that someone in an executive position can not make personnel changes. The legislators, however, are saying that there is enough there to warrant an investigation. And from what I have read from various sources is that the vote was unanimous. I don't understand how any of the rest of us can really second guess that part of it.

Let it play out. And stop trying to delay the investigation. And stick with the promise to cooperate completely to show transparency. Heck even her husband seems to be refusing the honor the subpoena.

Didn't she say something in Cedar Rapids about bringing transparency to Washington?

And you are right you will not hear these kinds of stories about the other candidates for the reasons you gave. No excuse not to have the answers in this case though.
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