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Originally Posted by gehtowheeler View Post
barrack loves white wemon bidin likes little boys
i can do it to
Originally Posted by gehtowheeler View Post
make false claims the only diffrences i thought mine up on mine own with out cnn fox or any othere media ny times have always been a few cards shy of a full deck i think they should be renamed to sanfransisco part dos

So, 3 journalists interview people and report what they said. They identify those they spoke to, who I will assume agreed to go on record, thus they can interviewed again if anyone wishes to challenge their statements. Yet, because it is printed in the New York Times, all of the claims are false? And you equate that to the statement you made, quoted above? Wow, what a stretch, in anyone's book.

Or are you calling my claims as to what Rove and Hagel said to be false? If so, I have seen both men make their comments on TV. Rove on FoxNews and Hagel on MSNBC. One source I will accept, the other conservatives usually accept. Source does not matter when you see the interview.

p.s. I have looked for clips of Rove and Hagel. I have not found any from any sources acceptable to conservatives like yourself and Greasemonkey. And I can not seem to find the clip on the Fox website yet either.

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