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Originally Posted by PeteC View Post
At least I am willing to look at possibilities instead of just accepting what the GOP says.

If the accusations are not true, then fine. But why not find out if they are true or not before total acceptance. Don't forget, issues like "Troopergate" have been around long before Palin was elevated to the national stage.

But, she is "it". She is the "answer". Guess we should all just relish in that and move on.

Aren't you all just the least bit curious?
Hey Pete do like football?? Do you know how much the Dallas Cowboys paid Tony Romo?? Mucho coinage. You know how many playoff wins he has??? zero. 0-2

The cowboys are sooo desperate they are willing to jump off a cliff at any flicker of hope for a QB.

Palin is hot. She shoots guns. Do the conservatives really need any more information??
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