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Default cj jeep wanted


just moved from Florida. and been in Michigan for about 2 months, just got a job last week and need a jeep to get to work, not having any money for a truck , i do have some hand guns. tough times everywhere, not just in Michigan .just interested in a jeep because ive had one before and i have a bunch of free parts because of uncle. so thats why i have to find a broken jeep or a cheap jeep..

want to trade for some hand guns.they are legal hand guns. have to transfer but one is a 44 magnum and the other is a 45 govt and the other is a 22 ..

just looking to trade is all...thanks chris
can send pics if wanted

im in need of a jeep badly

email is

im sure you don't want to hear my boo hoo story's of life. i left a
great job in Michigan for a better one in Florida, and got done there,
and worked 7 weeks and lost my job in short and had to sell just about
everything i own to get back up here. i sold my jeep and just about
everything i owned. because all my family lives in Michigan. so i came
back and been looking for a job for 2 months, even trying walmart for
gods sake. well i found one last week. but doing that im behind really
far in everything, and i been riding a bus and walking part way to work.
and im a jeep person. and maybe taking brothers truck some days when he
is off work. or getting a ride. so im looking for a jeep , the guns are
my fathers guns i hate to sell them and my hunting bow, but i have no
choice at all, i need a jeep. he would understand that. he sold things
for us when i was a kid .
my wife been working tables at a diner, , and
we been getting by eating light and getting food from the diner and
thats hard with two

on the right rack now just way behind is all. so thats why i was looking
to trade a jeep for guns.oh ya there is a case for all the guns, and i
have a boat load of bullets and stuff for them all and a few fast
loaders for the 44 magnum. have to see what i have but i have a few
boxes of ammo and stuff like that have to see what i have . the bow is a
compound bow and it has sites on it and quick release, all the good
stuff on it . i think it would be a good deal .. so if he wants he would
need to get four gun permits. the scope on the 44 magnum is a red laser
scope that you see looking into it, but no one else can see the red dot
only the shooter can see it .pretty cool site on it.
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