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Instead of looking at what you deem as negative by me leaving, you should probably look at all the hard work put into making OSTC open to 4x4 owners. a year ago today, that place was not accessible by anybody other then deano's close friends and dirtbikes/quads. There are no legal trails in the LP of Michigan that rival OSTC, and I'm sad that you have to lash out like this. You haven't been to this website in over a month, and I find it odd that you show up with your posse to try and create issues, but in the end you just end up looking like an idiot.

I didn't have anything to do with people hanging out at the event. I did all the legwork to make sure it was reserved and took care of some other behind the scene items to make it go smoothly.

As far as I know, everybody who was there had fun, well as much fun as you can have in a monsoon.

I'm sorry you're upset that I left at 4pm on saturday, but my jeep was broken, I didn't have a top, my tent was soaked, and I was looking forward to a shower and some dry clothes. I don't think me leaving had any negative effect on the 62 rigs that showed up saturday, or the 31 rigs that were there camping for the weekend. I think 93 rigs and over 150 people was a great turnout for the absolutely horrid weather that was going on. I know over 20 people called to cancel their camping reservations on thursday and friday because of the weather. Some may have stayed in hotels.

I shouldn't have made the remarks I did in this thread last night, so I removed them.
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