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do i look old !
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Originally Posted by Stan View Post
This again?

It was Deano's idea, not ours. He explained to us on friday night how he ran these comps with ATV's this summer and thought it would work for us too.

He was supplying the awards, not us.

The only thing we promised was camping, wheeling, and a fire.
Stan i no nothing of all that stuff and im not refearing to that . Im talking about people , egos sites blocking sites . None of that is conducive to wheeling .

Thats the imginary competition i refer too . Wheeling is about getting together and , well wheeling .

Monkey had no reason what so ever to associate my name with this horse puk post other then some artificial jealousy issue he must have regarding me .

Like Jim , i wont bother with this frat boy crap any further . Have a damn nice damn .
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