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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Sorry Sue,
I don't see it that way. Making durogatory remarks about "hardkore" and stating that there is a "bigger story" strikes me as an effort to stir the pot. There were "hardkore" folks that came over to OSTC from the gig and had a great time, and they aren't complaining. There were people who camped at OSTC that are not complainig.

The only person making an issue about this is someone who never attended the outing at OSTC. Why do that? IMO, it's purely to stir things up and I don't think there is much that would change my opinion.

Personally I'm a bit frustrated. I made a commitment to RJ and Murph that I would be at OSTC all day in the attempt to host gig visitors and be there if there were any issues that needed attention. Therefore, I didn't come to the gig and actually my wife was dissapointed that we didn't get to the gig or get out on any other trails. Due to the rain, I also didn't get to see half the people there. Then there's the issue of the owner not following through with promised improvements.

Top that with an asshat trying to stir the pot and my patience is done. I'm done trying to please people who really don't get it. This will be my last post in this thread. I don't care if John replies or not, I won't respond.

Sue, this is not a stab at you. Please don't take it that way.

I totaly understand your fustrations and your as bull headed as me you will keep trying to promote 4x4ing the same as the rest of us die hards.
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