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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
No John, there is no bigger story. Just you trying to stir the shit. Quite frankly, I don't appreciate the insinuation. You may be poking at Kelly but it's hitting pretty close to home for me. Shitty weather and the majority of the people eating pig. Only a handful of people still there. Simple as that. I don't see anyone complaining other than you, a person who didn't even attend.

Please take your attacks somewhere else.


I belive the point he was trying to make is that the Gig did put on two meals during the rain storm, People Wheeled and had a great time. I am sorry that it did not go better for your evening event and it sounds like you did have some great wheeling going on during the day, maybe the answer would have been to combine the events and if people would quit making post such as monkeyevils being Marv did not have anything to do with ither of these events this year I feel it was uncalled for.
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