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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
Mike, how much time have you spent around the elderly? One thing that frustrates me beyond belief is when someone brings age into any discussion where the person's mental facilities are under scrutiny.

The candidates' are not running a marathon, appearing on American Gladiator or climbing Mt. Everest. We should pick a president based on many things, but physical strength is not a measure that denotes intelligence or wisdom.

McCain is my parents' age, and they are far from lame and senile, and my Grandmother (whom recently passed) was sharp as a tack at 93 when improper diagnosis of a health concern caused her kidneys to shut down, then the rest of her major organs.

Life is a journey, and we learn more as we progress. We all knew everything as teens, and look back (a bit older and wiser) at choices we've made in the past and know we could've done better. You may not see this yet - you're fairly young, armed with a degree and you are at the beginning of a long journey of learning life's lessons that only time can teach you.

IMHO, regardless of which candidate is better suited for the office of President, age IS a benefit.

Scooter, I agree with you on the age issue. My folks are 81 and 80 and they are still fully capable of living productive lives. As many in the Michigan wheeling community can attest to, they are both physically and mentally sharp for people in their 50's, let alone in their 80's.

But using them, or you folks as examples of why we should leave McCains age out of the public debate is, well, an insult to reality.

Do I think my father is going to live as long and strong as his parents? I surely hope so, that way I get to keep him around a lot longer still.

Do I hope my mother follows in the foot steps of many of her relative breaking the 100 mark, yep.

But that does not mean it will happen. I understand and accept that. I know both of them have slowed down. I have seen the signs of diminished capacity, however slight.

I have also see people in their 60's exhibit signs of diminished capacity.

I hope McCain continues to live a long and productive life, I really do, partisanship aside. But I also know he is getting up there. So his ability to continue and his mortality is fair game. Statistically he is more likely to die or become diminished by natural causes than his opponent. Hard simple truth.

Look at Reagan, his diminished capacity was kept from the American public, and although the administrations decisions did not adversely affect the country and the world, I found great concern that someone who was not elected may have been making far reaching decisions.
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