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Originally Posted by Infinite_Wisdumb View Post
So what did you think of the interview DMan? You are a well read and educated fellow, I really would like to hear your thoughts.

I am on the fence this election, I like McCain, but not so sure about Palin. I like Obamas charisma, but not sure what he really stands for.
I only saw bits & pieces of the interview so I can't comment. The feedback I've read seem to reinforce what I thought it would be - big media's first chance to "expose" her...

Myself, McCain wouldn't be my first choice - it reminds me of running Dole against Clinton. It's like Dole (and now McCain) have "earned" their shot as a result of being a contender for such a long time. Granted, Dole (and Bush before him) would've handily beat Clinton had H. Ross not split the vote.

It's interesting how the media, in their outrage over Palin being selected, are basically evaluating the race as though she was running against Obama and not McCain. Biden (who's almost the same age as McCain) is getting a free pass through all this. No mention of his previous problems with truthfulness and plagarism, and apparently his age isn't an issue.

I don't like Obama for the following reasons:

1) He has some very liberal and unworkable views on a wide variety of topics
2) Thus far, his agenda seems to be "he's just like George Bush and I'm not". Okay, so who are YOU? This smacks of Clinton-style poss-chasing, where his principles are dictated by whatever generates the best focus-group response and poll / approval-rating numbers. I'll take principles over number-chasing any day.
3) He engages in class warfare ("tax cuts favoring the rich") that quickly falls apart other than making a good sound bite.
4) Too much Madison Avenue marketeering (i.e. general non-specific "change", "hope"). Throwing broad, positive themes out in a time of war and economic distress sounds good, but there's nothing to back it up.

An item that neither candidate need to be talking themselves up on is the economy. OK, so McCain, in a moment of public introspection, admitted that the economy isn't one of his strengths. I haven't seen anything economics-wise from Obama other than he's going to spend a megaton of money currying the favor of the lower to lower-middle classes while simultaneously lowering their taxes. Neither of you have "street cred" here.
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