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Originally Posted by fastrt6dakota View Post
Dear ultra-entitled asshole,

Some of us "poor people" HAD great jobs that paid great money, and some of us were even sticking money into the bank rather than living paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, due to poor planning on just about everyone's part, some of those who were making decent money and not having any issues living, are no longer able to lead that lifestyle.

"Get another job"... there are 168 hours in a week. Assuming you don't sleep, eat, or go home, the average "go-getter" such as yourself should be able to work 4 - 40 hour jobs and still have 8 hours left over for travel time. With most decent jobs requiring at least a Bachelors degree, you can assume that if you find one (or maybe two) jobs working in your degree'd field, you can make upwards of $20/hour for those jobs. The other two, we can just assume you're willing to make $8.25 working at your local Home Depot or Kroger, since you won't find another decent paying job that will let you work off-hours. Don't worry about your family... they'll understand, and they know you'll see them again in 30 years when your mortgage is paid off.

For the rest of the normal people, let's take your average Ford engineer. They had to spend at least 4 years getting to a Bachelors degree in a fairly specialized field, usually Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. Let's just forget about the student loans they probably racked up in the process of getting that degree. We'll move on to salary; I'll pick a low number, since you mentioned "take home pay". Let's say your average engineer takes home $50,000 per year. That's roughly a $30/hr payrate, minus taxes and benefits. So if their mortgage should be 25% of their take home pay rate, you're now talking $12,500. I really hope what you're trying to say is that if they get $50k a year in pay, they should be paying $12.5k a year in mortgage. It really comes across that you're trying to say they should only buy a house that cost $12,500, which is just plain idiotic.

I, for example, happen to love America. Here in the good ole US of A, we have the right to spout the drooling, moronic, clueless bits of misinformation that your post has just exhibited, and we can do so without fear of persecution. I'm sadly disappointed that you chose to represent the Republican party with your little spoiled suburbanite rant about the "poor people" and those who might be down on their luck, as I tend to think that I follow the Republican party's ideas and ways of thinking. However, the more I see people such as yourself representing the party, the more I start to look elsewhere for better representation.

So... in closing, I really hope that you can look inside the empty void of yourself where a soul should be, and realize that just because you're well off and doing fine in these tough times, not everyone else is. I wish you all the luck of a laid off auto worker, including the repossession of your vehicles, removal of your benefits, foreclosure of your home, your family being hungry, and the overly stressful and difficult task of finding a job when there are 50,000 other people just like you trying to find the same jobs you're applying for. Good luck moving to another state when you don't have a vehicle to put what's left of your things in. Good luck borrowing from friends and family when they're in the same situations. Welcome to Michigan. Land of the Free, Home of the foreclosed.

Deep breaths...Deep breaths...

Engineering in the South is one of the top rising job markets right now (especially engineering management [Salary ranges around 100k/yr - 150k/yr]); plus, thanks to a nice relocation bonus, you don't even have to pack your crap in a car yourself. AND, since the weather is warmer in the south this time of year, you can find a place close to your place of employment and ride your bike to work like I've been doing with my $35 bicycle for the past several months.

I'm looking for a job now too, as I graduate in December, and I'm sure you lap me several times over in experience. If you want, I can give you a list of companies that I'm applying to and let you apply before me. That way, you can be among the "thousands of people" that are trying to take jobs away from us widdle inexperwienced gwuys. Key word: TRYING.
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