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Originally Posted by 87'YJ View Post
Now hold on, I never defended John McCain. He is an idiot if he cheated on his wife.

What I am questioning is WHO has been putting their agenda into Obama? WHO (his mentor) has taught him issues of morality? As of now, we don't know much about the guy and Obama has said many times that Jeremiah Wright was possibly the most influential man in his life.

If someone told me that Stalin was the most influential man in their life, I would question what their beliefs and morals really were... even if they seemed to be normal. Wright is an anti-white, anti-american and is a blatant liar. He has been training Obama with these same beliefs because as we know, a mentor is going to rub off on the person he is mentoring.

Yea, that damn Wright guy. How can we trust someone who was a Marine, then a Navy corpsman, who had, among his patients, President Lyndon B. Johnson. Yep, take that and a few clips from an angry man expressing his opinion under the first amendment and anyone who ever looked up to him is some kind of commie.

I sat in church for many years. I took some teachings with me, it was bound to happen. But there are a lot of things I heard there that I can not support at all. My priest is a rebel still, he has supported my wifes visits to shut-ins as a JW. Damn traitor priest. And, of course, since I was raised in a catholic church, I must be a Muslim as well.

I am not a fan of Wright, in fact I don't personally care about him at all. But is he really a major influence on Obama, more than just the good faith part and the good marriage part of his teachings? I am sure Wright wasn't yelling "God Damn America" (mmmm, just what was the context?) at every single sermon.
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