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Originally Posted by 87'YJ View Post
psst. you're an idiot. Don't convolude the issue. I'm talking about Jeremiah Wright, not Obama or McCain.

However, Jeremiah Wright was Obama's "spiritual mentor". .......................................

So, you are tying the 2, Obama and Wright, together once again. Even thought there is no longer an association. And you say Sova is convoluting the issue?

A man that no longer associates with Obama has an affair and it is worth posting. I am sure the intent was to discredit Obama's campaign in some way or it would not have mattered or been on the radar.

McCain had an affair, that is a personal thing. That is not an association, it is direct. And it was admitted to by McCain himself.

If you attack Obama, even through assocaitaion, on a subject, then a counter attack should be expected. This goes the other way too, if McCain is attacked, a counter attack should be expected.

Oh, and in the article linked, I see the words allegedly, reportedly, claims and rumors. And then alleged racial discrimination in response to the alleged affair between a black man and a white woman. Yep, journalism at it's best.
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