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Originally Posted by Sol Goode View Post
Uhm, I have given 100's of speeches. Some scripted, some not. There is no way he slips up on that. He is too good of a speaker to make that mistake.
He's a good reader, but I've noticed two things:

1) He fails quickly when the teleprompter (which he uses really well, unlike McCain) craps out. And when he fails, it's shades of stammering Dubya, except with better grammar.

2) Now that the honeymoon from the press is dying down a little (oh, he's still the object of the media's affection) and his numbers have slipped a little in the post-republican convention lull, he seems a little short-tempered...

Do I think he's a closet Muslim? Highly unlikely, although the heavy exposure in his formative years certainly made an impression.
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