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Default Historical election...yes

No matter the outcome:

Our next president will not have been born in the Continental United States.

20 years ago this would have been an well a Obama being black, and Pilan being female, not to mention that Mcain is divorced and was unfaithful in his previous marriage. I know little about Biden but I'll bet there is something..

I for one am glad about how some things have changed on a political level. Not everything...but it's a start.

Let's see if everyone who responds can do so as a AMERICAN...not or ... I think of something both candidates said that impressed me: (loosely quoted but close)

Obama: " Our soldiers are NOT defending blue states.. or defending red states...they are defending the UNITED STATES.."

Mccain: "I don't work for the Republican party, or the Democratic party..I work for the American people.."

I'm compensating for my manhood.

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