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Originally Posted by UP_ROKTOY View Post
WTF did he just say?

Why not run the alternator that comes on the 1.6?
Cost prohibitively nonsensical. You can use any GM clockwise rotation GM alternator, with serpentine belt pulley, just the belt will only fill 4 of the 5 grooves for the belt. Proper alignment is key, as the GM alternator likes to eat lower brackets.

Or, you could change your belts over to V groove, and use any of thousands of GM alternators, the 55 and 63 amp models being the most popular for swapping. has wiring specifics for hooking up the new alternator, as there are slight differences in the hookups.

If you have power steering or air conditioning, you will need to keep your serpentine belt hookup, and what I usually do is to take a stock samurai water pump pulley, and spin the center of it out with a lathe, and flip it inside out, welding it to the stock crank pulley, they are perfectly self aligning, and its an easy mod. If you are going the serpentine belt route, grab a second water pump pulley from a tracker, and perform the same pulley stacking trick.

For you guys using a stock samurai crank pulley with a/c to run your power steering, pay attention. The larger stacked pulley puts many more RPM to the power steering, making turning many easiers.
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