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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post

A. Because humans have defined what "2", "+", "=", and "4" mean, we know the absolute truth of these things, and can say absolutly that 2+2=4.

B. But many times throughout the history of man humans have taken everything known about a certian subject, analyzed it, and came up with the wrong answer because their knowledge was too incomplete. Likewise, many times people are wrongly found guilty. If you were charged with a murder you didn't commit, but they found enough evidence against you to convince a judge and jury that you were guilty, does this then make you a murder? I think not.

C. Yes, we do have to take the best evidence we have and make a decision as to what the truth is, but until we have absolute knowledge on a subject I do not think we can say we know the "absolute truth". Until I know everything (which will never happen) I will continue to seek knowledge, and I will use that knowledge to reformulate what I believe to be the "truth".

A. Humans are not perfect.
Humans have defined mathematics
Therefore, mathematics are not perfect.

B. There is the possibility of error. So then call your beliefs progressive, but dont' ride the fence. The longer I have followed Christ, the more and more convinced I have become. As I go, I find MORE evicence, not less.

C. What is the alternative Bruce? Live in a soft subjective reality where my truth is different than yours?
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