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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
I don't know.

I'm open the idea that there could be multiple paths leading to the top of the mountain, or even multiple mountain tops to which one could accend.

I think most, if not all modern western religions say no, there is only one mountain and only one path up it.
This reminds me of the story about how all these people who are blind go up to an elephant that is supposedly god, and they describe god as they find him. One dude finds the tail and says that god is like a whip. Another finds a leg and said god is like a tree truck, and so on. All of that is supposed to show some crazy concept that we all approach god differently, and we are all the same and should coexist like sova's bumper sticker says.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM: .. ... (taking deep breath). .. NONE OF THEM GOT IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in that analogy, god is the ELEPHANT, he is not a tree or a whip or whatever. They were all WRONG.

So the point is this: We need to make reasonable conclusions on the name of the elephant, is his name Allah, Jesus, am I the elephant, or is there no elephant. This can be done friends, this is not an impossible decision where we need to sit on a fence the rest of our lives.
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