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Originally Posted by sodapop View Post
Where's the gusset to keep that fancy shmancy arm from bending?
No need for a gusset. The loads on the torsion bar are never great enough to bend the arm.

Originally Posted by 95geo View Post
what's next?
maybe rear steer.

Originally Posted by Bones View Post
Jim still has a long was to go to get comfortable with the limits of this rig.

This was in Canada last weekend and I could tell he wasn't real sure about this situation, but the rig handled it perfectly. A few more off camber runs like this and more seat time and he'll get it dialed in.

The rig worked great, the motor sounds awesome, he needs bigger tires

Too bad I didn't have quality spotters. You're right. With the SOA, I knew exactly where I was at from a tippy standpoint. This setup reacts differently and although I am very comfortable driving it, there were times I didn't have a good feel for balance. Maybe I need one of those little inclinometers.

There was one spot where all of the spotters on site felt I was tippy so we winched. (at the base of the rock face above the stairs) At that time, I actually felt pretty safe but common sense said to not push it, better to listen to those that have a different view. Although I've been in big rocks before, I never had a rig that had this type of capability so I found myself having a tendancy to be more timid than usual. Plus, I was the only full bodied rig with all buggies & I had never wheeled with any of these guys before. So I found myself less willing to push it. Out of the entire day, I think there were 2 obstacles that gave me problems where no else did. No excuses........ just the way I felt. Next time.........
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