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Originally Posted by WSU JK View Post
Georgia didn't go into South Ossetia... it was already their territory (but considered a autonomous region). Georgia was technically already there. Of course, the residents in South Ossetia didn't/don't consider themselves to be Georgians and welcomed the Russians but I don't think I would call Georgia the aggressor in the situation.

And considering that the U.S. Military has been conducting joint training exercises in Georgia with their military for about a decade, I can somewhat understand why they thought we might have their back.

I don't think that Georgia really had a choice but to try and stand-up to Russia when Russia came into South Ossetia. If they didn't stand up to the Russians, it could have set in their minds that nobody would stand up to them and they would just let them go wherever they pleased. Wasn't that one of the causes of WWII? (Germany taking back part of Bohemia or somewhere like that?)
I am glad someone knows more of the story.

If it weren't for Georgia already being in "possession" of Ossetia, the US would probably be remaining neutral in this case.
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