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Originally Posted by MISHOWJEEPER View Post
No, you're fucked. You're going to die. That's what religion dwells on. That's because religions sole purpose is to keep you afraid, and keep you in line. The truth is that after you're put in the ground, you will be eaten by worms as you decompose. Your faith is based on fear of not having an afterlife, so I hope the real description of your afterlife, which I just described for you is comforting, because that's all you get. I don't want to be convinced of your delusions, I could quite easily decide to decieve myself to try to feel a little more comfortable, but why? I believe in reality.

Your so full of shit you have to have brown eye's.

First off you have no concept of reality, because if you did you would realize that, from a reality stand point, to have nothing to look forward to, as you suggest you believe, is pointless, therefore everything you do is meaningless and without any value.
Sounds like your primed for a shotgun in the mouth, or a swan dive off a building.
No reason not to.
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