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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Yep, I'd have to agree. Sometimes Ithink I sould "give back" more but then hte republican in me comes out and I think "wait, I works to get where i am, why sould I give to someone else who hasn't. And I "give" enough in hte form of taxes.

It also bug me when I see these actors, musicians, athletes, and other rich dudes trying to tell me I should give more to the community. Sure, I could give 10% of my income to help others, and it might make a difference to a few people but I'd have to scale back my style of living. But if one of these rich dudes gave 10% it could make a difference to a whole lot of people and they'd probably never notice it missing.

Nice!!! The part you forgot was that in a democrat senario the Athelete, Musician, Actor, or other rich person would be required to give a disproportionate pecentage of their income.

Did I say democrat or communist?

No matter they are one in the same.
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