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Default We have to give back and support the Common Good!!!

Or at least that's what they kept saying at the fundraiser that I just got out of.

...I have some questions...

Aside from the fact that organizations are almost always crappier because a percentage of your donation has to go to supporting all of the overhead instead of 100% of your funds going to where they are needed, why should someone who has worked their ASCII off through school/work to earn the tiny little salary they are making be pressured to "give back" to the community and "Common Good"?

Give back to what?

My favorite part of the presentation was a story that a man from this organization told..."A family was without a home on Christmas and had to stay at a shelter. The organization let the family have access to this private room on Christmas Eve, so they could open their presents and have private family time. At the end of their time slot, the woman who was driving the family back to the shelter said that 'she wished she could have done more' for the family..." Holy Eff! She could have taken them in for the night! She had a HOUSE! but, since she's involved with this organization, she can simply dismiss her feeling of guilt by saying "Well, I wish I could have done more, but, because I am part of this organization, I've already done my, even though I could do more...I don't have to inconvenience myself because I've passed the responsability/blame/etc to this organization."

Even an effin' Obama supporter was talking about how he wasn't going to donate! I tried to convince him that this "Common Good" was what his whole party was fighting for!!! Of anyone, he should be the flippin president of this organization!!!!!!!

...sorry if none of that made any sense...I'm in a rare mood today...[/RANT]

*catches breath*
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