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Default door to door dog license checks. wtf.

They started doing this last year where I live, which is lenawee county. People were pissed. They've been doing it on and off since then. They claimed it was a big problem, all these unlicensed dogs. They also said later that it's a great revenue generator. This is what really pissed everybody off.

Today they hit my neighborhood. It's mostly fag dogs around here, definitely not what they are looking for. I wasn't home, but a neighbor called my wife. Since it pisses her off too, she didn't answer the door. Fine with me. My dogs are licensed anyway.

It's a misdemeanor ticket, along with a $200ish fine. An actual crime.

What pisses me off is the fact that they are doing sweeps to ticket people. If everybody was doing meth, I could see it. We're talking about people not paying the county $20 for a dog license.

What's next? Will they show up with a check list and go through your home? Check my attic for Jews?

It's bullshit. Way to be intrusive.
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