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Originally Posted by PavementPounder
Yeah, and that whole thing with Australians coming to the United States speaking English is just stupid.
I have an austrailian sitting in the cube next to me. Fucker doesn't speak english, he speaks australian. Can't understand half of what he says. But he's a gearhead, so we get along.

Go live in LA for a year. Guess what.. you can't speak english means you can't read english, which means you don't know where the hell you are going on the freeway. Its a major headache out there because of so many people who can't read the language.

I am 100% for a national language. It is a requirement in plenty of other countries to learn the language to become a citizen.

I was just in secretary of state. Some guy who I swear was Coleman Young's doppleganger was trying to help some fancy looking hispanic lady get her drivers license. After 10 full minutes of trying to get her to read the letters on the eye chart, they failed her because she didn't know what the hell she was doing.

How is someone like that supposed to drive around and not be a complete burden on society if she can't even recite the letters.

When I go to Mexico, I speak spanish. When i go to Germany, I speak german. They can learn english..
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