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Originally Posted by Rockstar View Post
The Truth is it was deleted cus i posting in it bring up old post so CC banned me for bring it up. i was banned for 5 days boy i missed this site.

all my friends was emailing me like crazy like life is lost without you on GL so they all were emailed to not to bring up old post on GL or you will be banned for 5 days.

im not rantting about this just wanted you to know what happen to the post and what happen to me cus CC loves me and loves deleting my post. or editting it or changing my Password to make me look like a Bad Guy bababaa

same old CC i know its not MJ but i would say this site just starting to be just like a new MJ..

on the Ban it said this place is a Business not a 4x4 Community Just a Business.
here is the Picture not edit.
wow, didn't your mommie hug you enough? your fucked up. This website is a business, Kelly has money invested in it, overhead, customers to please, and pays taxes on it. This is a 4x4 community, but someone does the work/foots the bill, and it isnt you. so shut the fukc up and go piss and whine somewhere else, you big fucking baby. Go make threats against the owner of a "real" business and see how they react.
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