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Default Trailer interior/exterior electrical

Right now im in the process of redoing the car trailer i bought. I have to rewire the whole thing. I have the exterior lighting pretty much figured out(marker, running, brake, electric brakes...) so i wanna start working on the electrical for the interior.

My trailer has about a 9'x8'x4' enclosed interior compartment that i plan on converting into a little RV. On the inside I wanna run a fantastic fan(model 8000) a few small interior lights, a little TV/DVD player, stereo system, an electrical outlet or 2 for chargers, and a RV window and door. Most of the electronics ill buy from salvation army, off CL or ebay.

Power wise here is what im thinking. Get a couple of RV batterys, run them into a power inverter, then to small power distribution system. On the outside i wanna get a generator to recharge the batterys and later on get an air compressor for the trailer to run air tools & other electrical devices.

Does my plan sound safe? Any other improvements that could be made? What sould i use to diverty the electrical power comming out the invertor/generator, I want the option to be able to use either when i choose. Anyone have any experience with doing something like this, cause while i can see the plans in my head im by no mean an electrical wizard.
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