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Originally Posted by KartRacer View Post
Keep flattering yourself.
That is an answer I would expect from someone like Mr. Toes. No substance, no point to be made. I happen to work in the health care field, so I would say that I have a better handle on what goes on in a hospital than approximately 98% of this board. As such, I have first hand knowledge of the processes that are at work in our health care system. I dont expect a person who does not know how to speak or spell correctly to understand this type of thing.

To answer 87YJs question above, the main problem is uninsured patients. These people come to the hospy, and go to the ER because that is the ONLY place they can get care. That is why the average ER wait before being seen by a doctor is over 1 hour now. These patients cannot afford the treatment they receive (which is often just a cold or something of that nature, but they are too uneducated to know that before coming in) and do not pay. These costs are absorbed by the hospital which then has to pass those costs along to the paying patients therefore INFLATING PRICES. In addition, Medicare/aid does not pay the practitioner 100% of their bill, causing a loss for every doctor that accepts these patients. Doctors wills top accepting Medicare/aid patients at a certain critical mass that they decide is right for them.

Hows that for an intelligent answer based on facts Mr Kartracer?

PS To 87YJ

I never said universal health care was the answer, just that people who dont know how to spell wouldnt understand what is in the plan anyways.

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