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Default Powertrax Lockrite

XJ w/ 4 inches of lift, Ford 8.8, cut fenders, locked rear, limited slip front. Was carrying heavy weight in spares and camping equipment most of the time.

Super Swamper Truxes MT
33x12.5r 15
Trail pressure 8-12 PSI depending on conditions.
Street Pressure 35 PSI

I ran:
Routine Street Driving
Drummond Island Mi, Turtle Ridge OHV Park
Lake Havasu Arizona, OHV trails
Moab Utah, "Moab Rim" and "Pritchet Canyon"
The Rubicon Trail
Penrose Colorado, The Independence Trail System

Terrain Types:
-Rock (slick rock or pretty grippy sandstone)
-Some gravel, sand, and mud.

The Good:
Amazing traction increase.
No need to replace the carrier

The Bad:
Some Noise on the street
Maybe bad in the ice/snow (don't know yet)

The Installation:
It was easy. There are a couple of write-ups else where online on this installation so I will not detail it unless someone asks for it. The installation took about 3 hours. Now that I have done one I could do it again in half that time. This is definitely qualifies as an "easy mod" that I should have done A LONG time ago.

Does the Locker Make Noise:
Yes, when I am looking for noise I can find it. If I make a quick, tight turn in a parking lot, or make "michigan left" into the left lane, while on the gas I can hear the inside tire chirp a little bit. Once or twice I have heard a couple of clicks from the locker, but I have to really TRY to hear it.

When I first put the locker in I didn't believe it was working as I couldn't hear any noise from it until I really really tried to make it make noise. I was very impressed. (note:extra impressive as I had my doors off at the time)

How does the locker handle in two wheel drive:
One pavement it's pretty much transparent except for the occassional chirp of the tires.

On Gravel, or sand the truck handles like before but gets much better grip. The rear end likes to rotate much, much more easily than before. My first time out I spun it on accident while trying to 'drift' a fast, sandy turn. I got used to it very quickly though.

How does the locker improve 4 wheel drive:
AMAZING. I can now approach a rock from other directions but straight on, and let my suspension flex out while still moving forward. This modification allowed me to crawl over things that I used to have to Hammer down through and break parts on. This locker has been nothing short of amazing. On my recent "outwest trip" to Moab, The Rubicon Trail, and The Independance Trail system in Colorado made it very aparent that I wouldn't have been able to do these trails without the locker.

The Bad Offroad:
Sometimes, especially off camber, the rear end wants to rotate around more than it did, but usually this was only if I was hung up on my trans crossmember.

I can post videos or pictures of most of these examples and a quick write-up if anyone is interested or needs the information.
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