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Originally Posted by Grandman
Its a good read but id add one thing , an worry about one mentioned .

The wear in period for a motor of 10,000 miles or so is pretty acurate except if you use chrome molly rings . Id stick with the old school oil as you mention like 10-30 for about 30,000 miles . chrome molly dont wear in ( seat ) the rings for shit .

Wall mart oil , you say it is from pennizoil ? that worries me , iv never seen a more sludge making oil then pennzoil . having rebuilt 100,s of engines that has been a clear observation . For the record pennzoil lubricates find its just a sludge maker for some reason .

Find your comments on pennzoil puzzling, considering thats all me and my family have run for decades, When I have pulled pans and valve covers I have NEVER had any sludge, very minimal anyway. HOWEVER I know that the quick-e-lubes for pennzoil used to use re-claimed oil and that would create sludge like a mo-fo.

SO with these oil questions I have one...

I run 30W in my SBC... at idle in gear hot I run 10psi, at idle in gear cold I run 40psi -- is this thermal breakdown in the oil? It did it with 10W-30 as well. I switched to 30W because I did not think it would have the extreme thinning effect 10W30 had.
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