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Originally Posted by Ebs View Post
I put and add-a-leaf spring in mine, it rides more to my liking for a truck, but will lift it a bit. All these older Tahoe/Yukons seem to sag in the rear.
Did you do anything to address the front or did the add a leaf just even it out or give it a very mild lift in the rear.

Originally Posted by smasheromalley View Post
$10 says its your tires. If they are P tires (passenger car) they will ride sloppy especially when you try to tow or haul something. Most SUVs and some light pickups come with P tires cause they are cheaper and ride softer for all the vag that drives trucks these days.

Besides proper LT (light truck) tires, if your tahoe needs anything more than new shocks then theres probably something wrong with it. It shouldnt ride that sloppy.
My tires are getting old and will probably need to be replaced after this next winter but they are LT tires. I made sure of that when I bought the last set but like a said, they are getting pretty tired though... The LT tires helped at the time though. Definitely a good thing to swap out for those that haven't.

I don't think there is anything wrong per say with the suspension for it's age and usage. It's a '99 with a 140K miles on it. I've always thought it was too soft but it's been regulated to wife use for the past 3 years and it didn't bother her. Now it's going to be my DD again and it's drives me nuts. The shocks may be past their prime to which would amplify the situation...
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