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Originally Posted by PeteC View Post
Poorly is a matter of interpretation.

Could I have been more inclusive or more detailed? Sure. But that is what the link to the article is for.

I read it, put it into my own words and posted. I did not lie. I did not hide the truth. I did not twist the facts. At least in my opinion, I did not do these things.
Are you a journalist Pete?

Seriously, leaving out small details skews the point. Your response implys that he is still of the opinion that the market is on the down turn. This clearly is not the point as he made the money on the down turn and he is ponying up the cash because he feels that we are poised for an upturn. However, leaving the detail out that there is an upturn stinks of the same crap we deal with every day in our media. Only reporting 1/2 the story or leaving out small details that change the whole point of it.
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