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Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker View Post

Rich in this case means extremely good at market speculation. Don't hate the man for making money because he's smart and willing to take risks. Its not his fault banks gave a ton of loans to people who should have never received one.

And hes not about to get richer off poor people. If you read the article, you will see he is now banking on the upswing.

Maybe you should buy some Berkshire and let rich people make you rich : )

Maybe you should read my post.

No where did I say I hated him. No where did I say the poor would be directly affected.

But, what I did say was all true.

He is very rich.....true

He is about to make a lot MORE money......true

The mortgage market failure is what he banked on and made $3.7B and now he stands to make more on the upswing.....true

Many people lost money when said market failed and I am sure many of them are miserable......true

Nope, I did not misread the article. I simply put it into plain, yet true terms.

It was you who read something into what I said based on your perceptions of how I think.
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