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Originally Posted by BgBorecody
I think wve stured the pot enough for a while. We should just sit back for a while. if Iran prduces nukes we have em too and weel be back to a coldwar like stand off, they wont shoot cuz we will we wont shoot cuz they will. if we want to push this thing our country can get by alone for a while, tap into the oil reserves, stop selling fuel to cina (that'll hurt them back) and get all our factories up and runnin. the american war machine is a devistateing aset. during WWII Hitler was shocked how fast we could build ships, and knew it wold change the war.
wrong russian was not a religious state like Iran. The radical muslims are out of their minds. It wont be a match for match build up to be competitive, it will be used by iran to spread influence of radical islam through the middle east, surely to beat up on Isreal. Dont count on Israel not using the nuke on Iran. That is a very real posibility.
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