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Default Important!!!! Green Slime

if you use green slime for a tire repair this is a must know this is off there website

I have chromed wheels, can I use SLiME?

The chroming process results in a surface that is highly susceptible to
damage over time. In most cases, manufacturers will only warrant their
wheels against chipping, pitting and corroding for one year. This is due to the
nature of the plate, which is easily damaged even by simple cleaning
products, brake dust, moisture etc.

We do not recommend using our product in conjunction with this type of wheel. Pre-existing damage, prior to the installation of SLiME, could be present. Once the sealant is installed any damage that was already present, such as peeling chrome, could be exacerbated by the liquid which can get up under the peeling chrome surface and lift it further.

Note: SLiME tire sealant contains a high concentration of rust and corrosion inhibitors and is formulated with ingredients that maintain its stability and ensure the integrity of the wheel and tire. It is compatible with all common metal compositions.

I've heard that SLiME will ruin my rims?

Our SLiME Sealant for tubeless tires is formulated with rust and corrosion
inhibitors as well as a pH buffer making the product more alkaline. All of
these ingredients work to protect the integrity of your rim. It is important to
note there are factors which can allow damage to occur in spite of this. If you
want to err on the side of caution, you can use SLiME as a roadside repair. All
you need is SLiME and an air compressor! SLiME can have an adverse affect on
certain types of aluminum rims. Because alloys differ, it is difficult to predict
how SLiME will react with your rims specifically. Over the years, though, we
have found that older rims are more susceptible to damage from SLiME. Make
sure that, if you have tubeless tires, you are using our tubeless formula. Our
inner tube formula does not contain rust and corrosion inhibitors. Do not
leave SLiME inside your tires for more than 2 years. After that time, we cannot
guarantee the integrity of your rims. If pre-existing damage is present, we do not recommend using SLiME.
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