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Default 1995 Cherokee 6" Long Arm, 33's, tons of work!!! - SOLD!!!

I am relisting this because the old thread is way long and cluttered. I hope that isn't a problem!

$3250 OBO... MUST GO. My mom wants it out of her driveway and I need to finish my last semester of college!!!

1995 2 Door Cherokee

6 Inch Full Traction long-arm suspension lift

33x12.5r15 Super Swamper TSLís with less than 700 miles on them

4 Allied Rockathon Beadlocks Ė One could stand to be replaced due to bolts rusting in place and breaking off upon removalÖ still holds air perfectly fine though

Advance Adapters HD SYE

Tom Woods Custom Driveshaft

Bilstein Stainless Shocks (not sure what model)

OME Steering Stabilizer

Brand New (less than 50 miles) Hubs

Flowmaster 40 series Exhaust

All new floors from firewall to back seat as of last summer. Replaced with new panels. Rear trunk area patched. Right side rocker is the only rust on the Jeep currently.

When the floors were replaced, spray-on bedliner was done outside the Jeep underneath and up to the top bodyline, as well as the floor on the interior

Total cost of floor replacement and bedliner - $2500

Rear TJ Flares All Around (Could be reinstalled for better aesthetics)

Awesome Three Row Radiator (Brand New but canít remember brand) and new Heater Core/Tstat

I could be missing some stuff, as I havenít even seen the Jeep in two months

The Good
All parts were bought brand new when building my Jeep from The Jeep Outfitters (now Two Track Mind Offroad). I have well over $12 grand into this thing (thatís when I stopped counting!) The Jeep was built by me with help from the mechanics at the shop (It was my first build, so they were extensively involved with the build). I worked there at the time of the build. Runs great and doesnít burn or leak oil. I used it for my daily driver up until last August when I purchased my Chevy Colorado. Very little rust. The Jeep was extremely clean when I bought it. The paint is still nice on it. The only offroad trips it has seen since being built is two weekends at Silver Lake Sand Dunes and a handful of trips to some local trails. I really did not get to wheel it as much as I wished to.

The Bad
-210000 miles (but runs great)
-Bad Neutral Safety Switch. Will not start unless the switch is ďjumpedĒ. I will start it up so you can hear it run, however, it will need to be trailered as this is a safety hazard. With the switch jumped, the car can be started in gear and could seriously hurt someone. The switch costs about $100 on eBay (new or rebuilt) or less at a junkyard.
-Belt Squeals when running - just needs a new belt.
-Front end needs ball joints and U-Joints (axleshafts and front driveshaft currently removed so I could drive it back home from the shop when I replaced the hubs).
- Front Driver Seat Frame got messed up a bit by the guy that replaced the floors (easy fix though)
-Front rocker panels rusted through
-Front Passenger side a little smashed up from a fender bender. This can be seen in the pics. It has a new fender but still needs the headlight bezel. Front bumper is a bit bent but itís the crap stock bumper anyways.
-One of the rear brake lines rubbed through and will need to be replaced
-Header Cracked

It looks like a long list, but the Jeep is in great shape. I just donít want to hide anything. It kills me to sell it, as this Jeep was my dream jeep. Reality finally has set in and I realized that I was way too young to put this kind of money into a car. I should have waited until I got out of college and now I need to sell it to help finish putting me through college. The Jeep is located in Flushing, MI. She hasnít moved in a little while and is pretty dirty/somewhat disassembled. Let me know if you will be stopping by to take a look at it so I can let my Mom know (wouldnít want her to get paranoid!).


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