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Originally Posted by 84Scrambler View Post
In a few years, the dollar will rebound and those companies will be bought back by US companies when the foreign companies can no longer afford to keep them due to the currency exchange risk. If AB did this right, they would take foreign currency for payment. Then it would be a hedge against the falling dollar. As the dollar depreciates, their foreign currency value escalates. Eventually, when the dollar bottoms out, they can buy it back for a lot less than they sold it for, pocket the margin on the currency spread, and be miles ahead. We shall see how the AB stakeholders play this out. This is much like I tried to convince myself to do a year or so ago. I should have converted my retirement accounts to foreign currencies that were/are gaining against the dollar. I would have made a fortune in a year as the dollar has tanked. That took more hangy down things than I have to swing that type of trade though.
I have been saying this for a while. All will come back around in about 60 years, or 3 generations. All of our business, manufacturing, tech, etc. will come back then. Yep, in 60 years we will be the cheap third world country that everyone want to move their business too. We will be the ones that will work for dirst scratch wages because we have nothing better.

Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
While I am a conservative, I do feel there is a role for government in the protection of our economy in the interests of our national sovereignty.

We need to implement "tit for tat" trade policies. For instance didja know:

U.S. autos can't be imported into Japan or Korea? (and ridiculous inspection, retrofitting, duties, taxes, etc... that raise the price out of reason constitute "can't").

U.S. citizens or firms cannot own real estate in Japan, Korea, China, as well as many other countries.

We need to control the amount of direct foreign investment in the U.S. - leasing a turnpike is one thing, but the sale of large industries (Anheuser-Busch, Westinghouse, Rouge Steel, etc...) are another.
Welcome to what those damn liberal union people have been saying for 20 years.

Fair trade would rule. Free trade sucks the big one. And Duffy, we know who first talked about NAFTA and other "free" trade deals, don't we?
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