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Originally Posted by brewmenn
I think we're fooling ourselves if we think we can actually keep nukes out of the hands of every nation that hates us. All we'll get by trying is more nations hating us. I don't know what the best way to handle it is, but what we're doing doesn't seem to be working.

And I'l not sure who would come out ahead in a economic war with China. Us, because so much of what we use comes from there, or China because it's us buying all the stuff that keeps thier economy going.
I fully believe that we would be crushed by the Chinese if they decided to take us out. The next world war will be fought in the marketplace and is already occuring to some degree. China owns an astronomical amount of our government issued debt, as well as having a huge position in the US dollar. If China decided to sell their Dollar holdings, it would easily crush the value of the dollar to next to nothing in a single day. Think of it in terms of pesos vs. dollars. We would no longer be the top player in the world economy. We would be behind several other countries. This would impact China to some extent, but not at the level it would hurt us. They have the ability to produce what they need to survive. We have lost the ability to produce in the US. We rely on other countries to export their goods to us. If we no longer have the ability to buy those goods, we will be crippled and forced to our knees. It is a scary position that our leaders have allowed our country to be in. Makes it a little easier to understand why China takes such a large interest in our elections and why they make huge donations to campaign funds.
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