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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
P.S. was the quote from C&L innaccurate? what was the problem?
Actually they didn't quote the 100 year comment directly, that's part of the problem, the spin. they said.....

"’s worth taking a moment to consider how this might factor into John McCain’s vision of an indefinite war, followed by an indefinite troop presence."

Which is clearly not his vision when you read the actual quote in context.

If you want to make McCain look bad there are a lot better ways, like talking about his speech this week, where he said he is still for comprehensive immigration reform. That is a real problem facing this country and he is on the wrong side of the issue, 85% of America said no to McCain/Feingold and he still thinks it's a good idea. Pander... pander... pander...

When we leave Iraq is a distraction to the big issues of this election. The war is won, our troops will go home when they are asked to go home by the Iraqi Government. They will do it proudly, with a victory in their pocket, and the free people of Iraq as a new ally in the world.

Maliki is talking about a time line now for two reasons, one, he is playing politics in Iraq, and two, Bush is pushing him to commit before the election here.
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