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I wouldn't call her 'hot". Not saying I wouldn't "hit it", but she looks kinda strung out.

And from what i read I think "racist hate monger" might be a little strong. I don't know anything about her besides whats posted here but from reading the links posted it sounds like she just says what shes thinking rather than being "PC" like most reporters.

I consider myself to be pretty tolerant, open minded and not at all a racist, but I'm getting tired of this popular attitude that just because I'm a straight white male that everythings my fault and I owe the world something.

I've heard that many (or most?) slaves were rounded up by other African tribes and sold to the slave traders. It was a way to get rid of thier enemys and earn a little coin on the side. Considering what going on in Africa lately the alternative to selling them as slaves would probably been killing them.

And I don't want to see a single penny of my tax money go to pay "reperations" to anyone for what happened to someones ancestors over 150 years ago. why the hell do these people think they deserve a handout for something that happened 5 or more generations ago. Not one of my ancestors even lived in this country when it was legal to own slaves. We had nothing ot do with it.
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