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Originally Posted by mikesova
I didn't really read the articles, just read until i saw a racist Ann Coulter quote and moved on. The articles don't neccesarily mean anything, just the quotes of things she said, like when she said something along the lines of*the page is down, can't find the quote now* {It must not be too hard to get in here (referring to the press room at the whitehouse) they let that old arab Helen Thomas sit 20 feet from the president.} She has also used the term "oily jew" in one of her columns.

EDIT Found It!

“Press passes can’t be that hard to come by if the White House allows that old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the president.”

well as long as she didnt say "old A-rab (like ehhhh fonzi ... then rab) its not "arab bashing" i would even let it go if someone said A-rab if its from their accent, they are country folk, or from an area with out allot of arabs like detroit has. Calling her an old arab is not bashing its being needlessly descriptive. Is calling her old "age insensitive or age discriminatory etc". Dont think so. The culture of much of the popular media, is you are not allowed to make foreign folk/ american ethnic sub cultures un-easy or uncomfortable, you have to bend over backwards and let them do stuff cause of their "religion" like take drivers license with a burka on. Shit like that that has is in no way stopping them from practicing religion. Calling someone an old arab is no more bashing than saying hank greenberg and sandy koufax are great jewish baseball players and in the jewish athletic hall of fame. Or say in italian neighborhoods, italian baseball great Joe Dimaggio enjoyed god like stauts. Thats not bashing. Its a fact greenberg was a jew and could wack homers like it was no one business, helen thomas IS OLD AS DIRT, SHE COULD BE GRAND MANS GRANDMOM!! And she is arab.

She didn't say dirty stinky, beady eyed, eagle nosed, camel jockey, thats bashing. Over sensitive people are looking for a reason to discredit her.

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