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Originally Posted by jamiesann
hate monger hardly
"If he did, there is a good chance he would be hounded and sued and portrayed as a detestable racist."

you cant sue someone for using the N word or anyword unless it is slanderous/liableous

again so it was not a mistake:

"On the other hand, the word "Injun" is apparently considered useable because ... well, because the American Natives -- who once numbered in the millions inside the borders of what eventually became known as the United States and were methodically decimated and reduced to less than 250,000 by the end of the 19th century, thanks to white people with about as much sensitivity and compassion as Ann Coulter -- are essentially invisible. The likelihood an "injun" will sue Coulter for racist defamation is probably fairly low."

-this writer is out of his mind!

i would like to see his views if NAACP, united "insert racial slur here" college fund, miss black amaerica, traditionally black colleges, are racist ? Affirmitive action is racist, quotas are racist. Unless this writer belives that then he is a hate monge himself. A self loathing sad story beliveing hate monger. I bet he sits around watcvhing tv of white guys being the punch line in movies and tv and sees noting wrong, then the bad guy in a movie is black or arab and he gets his panties in a bunch. You can tell he is "that guy" ... OMG thats so racist in traning day of course they made denzel the bad guy, and the white guy is good and pure. Of course halle berry doesnt win an oscar till she bones a white guy in the movie. Shit like that. This dude seems racism everywhere but the most obvious areas like affirmitive action.

Thats just the first link that worked ... i am reading the others now.

"Instead of scorn, Ann Coulter receives royalties. Instead of being written off and ignored as racist, essentially no different than a Knight of the Ku Klux Klan, she appears on the idiot tube, making repulsive comments about Muslims, Arabs, Asians, liberals, and now Native Americans."

i am not aware of coulture making comments about american moderate tradional peaceful muslims, nor asians of peaceful countires. Nore peaceful arabs. Liberals deserve the lumps they get. He never detailed how other than the title using a outdated term for native american she is racist against native americans. I am a white boy, from a upper middle class neighborhood, i am as "white" as they come. I have black friends that have called me nigga THOUDANDS of times. Words that have constantly changing meaning like nigga are an non issue. Just becuase colture doesnt tip toe around racial and ethnic issues (like minorities would like most whites , especially white woman! ) much to the chagrin of liberals and self loathing americans she is not ashamed to use the same flagrant language minority groups use. His name didn't "KURT NIMMO" doesnt sound very indian to me. Sounds like his last name is Japanese to me. I dont think he is even qualified (according to liberals) to comment on what is racist to native americans. Thats why as a hispanic/whiteboy i am not allowed to have any input on black issues. Cause i just dont know its a black thing. Only a native american could be offended, and only a native american could call her out!

lastly calling for the bombing of asians (omg your not allowed to be mad at people that arent of your race!! thats totally mean!) specifically NORTH KOREA. She did not call for the bombing of all of asia, jsut the bombing of a country run by a midget on an ego trip, that starved his people to fund a hostile nuclear program (also he broke an agreement/treaty to disban the program for food and fuel) double crossed us, then uses the nuke program to black mail the west for food to feed his starving people. Who in their right mind would not want to nuke that fucker. Deaths in the middle east "for oil" causes by bullets are bad, deaths by out of control leaders who starve their people by the hundreds of thousands are perfectly fine. Sounds like the liberals are the ones that hate asians if they think its fine for hundreds of thousands of people to starve so long as no bullets are fired by whites. Sick fuckers.

I didn't really read the articles, just read until i saw a racist Ann Coulter quote and moved on. The articles don't neccesarily mean anything, just the quotes of things she said, like when she said something along the lines of*the page is down, can't find the quote now* {It must not be too hard to get in here (referring to the press room at the whitehouse) they let that old arab Helen Thomas sit 20 feet from the president.} She has also used the term "oily jew" in one of her columns.

EDIT Found It!

“Press passes can’t be that hard to come by if the White House allows that old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the president.”
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