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Originally Posted by 3-foot View Post

Take a look at what McCain actually said in Derry, N.H., back in January. Cutting off a questioner who talked about the Bush administration's willingness to keep troops in Iraq for 50 years, McCain said "Make it a hundred." He then mentioned that U.S. troops had been in Germany for 60 years and in Korea for 50 years, and added, "That's fine with me as long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed."

That isn't exactly a "vision of an indefinite war, followed by an indefinite troop presence." is it?

Your source for news sucks, please stop quoting crooksandliars.

Read what really going on with troop withdrawl from a real news source.....


The significant question now is the pace and extent of any U.S. withdrawal, and the nature of any long-term U.S. military presence. Despite Mr. Maliki's comments, Iraqi National Security Adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie was quick to add that the call for a timetable for U.S. withdrawal was "conditioned on the ability of Iraqi forces to provide security," according to the Associated Press. In other words, Mr. Maliki is not endorsing the Barack Obama agenda of immediate U.S. withdrawal starting on January 20.

Come on Mike this isn't even a challenge, you can do better.

100 years is 100 years. You say that we have been in Germany, Japan, etc. since WW2, but there isn't and wasn't the same hostility towards our troops after that war. There is much hostility towards us now in the middle east and I guarantee there will be 50 years from now. There are just some people you can't reach, and extreme religous people fit that mold. Based on the historical violence in that area, if we stay there, there will always be violence aimed at us. just my opinion.
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